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Prof Matteo Cristani

University of Verona, Italy

The Artificial Intelligence of Things


Imagine a world in which single objects communicate to each other and to the humans, by a high-level communication protocol, and with a language that is similar to the regular human languages, for instance by a natural spoken language, or a sign language.

IImagine a world in which you can ask to the keys you have in hands: "Where did I park the car?". And also imagine that these objects are connected to each other, so that you can step forward this level of questions. "Hey, house, do I have all the ingredients I need for a walnut cake?". Imagine a world in which you can leave messages to the others in the house: "I had to hurry out, remember to hang out the laundry".

In industrial applications, also, many communications with objects, and among objects can provide strategic advantages. Consider a scenario in which you have a complex industrial machinery, and a worker leaves work since his turn has finished. "When the further operator comes in, remember him that the reset of the line requires warming up of ten minutes for the operation in course.".

There are enormous challenges to deal with in order to realize such wonderful desiderata. We can look at three essential aspects:

Integrate artificial intelligence and IoT, in order to provide objects with communication and reasoning skills;

Determine relevant aspects of the integration process and deal with them, in particular:

The keynote will be envisioning the potentials of the aforementioned integration processes, and show what challenges shall we expect forward.

Matteo Cristani


Matteo Cristani is Aggregate Professor in the Department of Computer Science of the University of Verona, where he teaches Semantic Web and leads the group KREARTI (Knowledge Representation and applied ARTificial Intelligence). He is the author of more than 60 scientific publications in quality journals and conferences, since 1997. He had been developing more than twenty research projects in Artificial Intelligence, he is member of the Programme Committees of KES, KES AMSTA, RuleML, ICAIL, ICAART and other international conferences, and he acts as a reviewer in several international journals.He has been leading more than thirty knowledge transfer activities, and is active in the KES community since 2007.

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22nd Annual
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3-5 September 2018